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Death's Door is a game created by Shiny Shoe. Much like the Twitch Plays series, Death's Door is an interactive game that you play on a live-stream channel with hundreds of other players. You will have to work together with other members of the community to guide your character through the game, defeat the boss, and save the world!

Interested in trying it out? You can play it Tuesday 2PM-9PM or Wednesday-Sunday from 9am-9pm Pacific Time Exclusively on Mixer

Gameplay Mechanics


DDGWiki Icons 0001 Beastspeaker DDGWiki Icons 0011 C.A.R. DDGWiki Icons 0009 Dragonkin DDGWiki Icons 0003 Drifter DDGWiki Icons 0015 Elf DDGWiki Icons 0005 Jester DDGWiki Icons 0007 Living-Armor DDGWiki Icons 0004 Lumberthraxe DDGWiki Icons 0006 Peasant DDGWiki Icons 0002 Skinny DDGWiki Icons 0008 Templar DDGWiki Icons 0012 Undead-Chef DDGWiki Icons 0013 Vampire DDGWiki Icons 0010 Viking DDGWiki Icons 0000 Witch

The World


Original Death's Door

Death's Door

Friendly NPCs






DDGWiki Icons 0033 WeaponsDDGWiki Icons 0034 ArmorDDGWiki Icons 0035 ArtifactsDDGWiki Icons 0036 CompanionsDDGWiki Icons 0037 Consumables

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